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Help to lose weight

lose weight with hypnotherapy
Weight is a difficult issue which affects people in different ways. While some people are happy with their weight, many more are not.
If you do struggle with your weight, it might be for any number of reasons - increased stress levels, difficulty controlling the amount of type of foods you eat, trouble keeping up with an exercise programme, not knowing where to start, or fear of failure after previous diets have not worked.
All these things can be difficult to overcome, however it is important that you're aware of the health risks linked to carrying extra weight:
The Risks
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It increases your risk of coronary heart disease, the 2 diabetes and certain cancers.
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Other problems including sleeping difficulties, back pain, mobility and joint problems.
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Increased risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Good News!

Losing even small amounts of weight can benefit your health. I recommend a slow and steady approach to weight loss. Losing one to two pounds (between half a kilo and one kilo) a week is the safest and most effective way to keep the pounds off for good. Static stretch exercise helps you motivate yourself to start gentle exercising. I recommend Hatha Yoga to kick start deep breathing and stretching to help you understand the importance of good life balance.
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